Content plays the role of a salesperson in the online world!

The internet has revolutionized traditional marketing.

Consumers are increasingly shopping online and using search engines to navigate their way through the digital high street.

21st-century brands should focus on creating an impressive online presence, connect with potential clients, and establish a loyal follower base.

The core of every successful online marketing campaign is having search engine optimised (SEO) content that engages and influences your target market.

Let content take on the role of a salesperson to drive web engagement and boost company revenue.

Let’s translate your visions and thoughts into engaging content

A one-stop solution for all your content needs

Website Content

We can help you reate great structure and content for your website that converts and drive traffic.

Social Media

Don’t know what to post each week? Let us manage you social media pages to increase engagement.

Blog Articles

We can blog for you in order to market your product, engage your target audience, and rank higher on search engines.

SEO Strategy

We can help create a per page keyphrase strategy for your website to increase its search engine rankings.

Creative Copywriting

We can help you tell your story in a compelling way to create a distinct voice for your brand.

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With more and more sales happening virtually, you no doubt need great engaging content and that is probably why you have landed on our page.

We are here to help you with a one-stop service for all your content needs so you can concentrate on what you do best- managing your core business to improve bottom line!

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Kirty Khanijou, Founder KKSTUDIO
Ritu Lamba, CEO Urbana Holding

A bit about myself

I am a journalist and SEO-certified copywriter.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. With a pen in hand, my curious mind splattered inquisitiveness and creativity all over the page.

I have a background in BA Politics and International Studies degree from the University of Warwick (UK) which ignited my passion for current affairs and equipped me with analytical skills.

Having written news-based pieces for the Bangkok Post and Reuters, I decided to once again unleash my creative potential. I started blogging for friends and family who owned their own enterprises.

I was drawn into the world of content creation and subsequently completed an SEO-certified copywriter course.  Today, I manage The Content Story. I write for both B2B and B2C companies alike.

I believe that learning is an ongoing process and am currently pursuing the prestigious Erasmus Mundus MA in Journalism, Media, and Globalisation degree in Denmark and UK.  I hope to gain additional expertise in order to increase my scope of writing.

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Today, the internet is a one stop solution for all our requirements from research, to shopping, to news. The information age has simplified life and information on everything is now available to us at the click of a button. This has made digital marketing a necessity...

The 7 Worst Reasons for a Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing takes a different approach to traditional advertising. Instead of pitching to your customers, you make them smarter with educational content that helps build long-term relationships. On average, 76 percent of shoppers feel closer and more positive...

Frequently asked questions

What is content creation and content marketing?
Content creation is simply building content for online use (in the form of words, images, and clips). For any online business, it is becoming increasingly crucial to have good content. This is because content is one of the first impression your target audience will have of your company and has the potential to grab their attention. Content marketing is using content, such as blog posts or longer form articles, to engage with your target audience.
Isn’t SEO just including keywords into copy?
SEO research is a long and lengthy process. We have to brainstorm keywords that your target audience are likely to use when searching. We then have to research these keywords to see their search volume (how many searches they get each month) and competitiveness (how many other sites are trying to come up on search engines using these words). After this, we will carefully select relevant and useful keywords to use in your copy in an engaging way.
Do you help brainstorm for blog ideas?
If you would like to use our blogging services, you can give us key points during the first meeting and we will turn into an interesting blog post. However, if you’d prefer, we can also spend time brainstorming with you about your industry, your business and your unique selling point (USP), your expertise and knowledge, and what your target audience are searching about. This way, we can help you build content that is relevant, engaging, and promotes your business.
What is SEO?
SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. It is essentially using certain keywords in your content that your potential clients are likely to search. By doing this, you can ensure that your website ranks higher on search engines and gets increased traffic from your target market. However, SEO is more than writing for Google. We have to ensure that your copy (especially, the headlines) are likely to be clicked on by and resonate with your target audience.
Why do I need to care about this?
You will be able to use your content to build a connection with your target audience. If they resonate with what you’re saying, the more likely they are to share your content on social media (more free publicity). Research has also shown that emotions can drive decision making. This means that engaging with your target audience can encourage them to purchase your products and/or service. You should care because the ultimate goal is to boost sales and revenue.

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